Precision, precision, precision! As much as location affects prices in Real Estate, precision affects quality in manufacturing.

In our never ending search to increase the quality that we provide, we are now using Computer Aided Design & Manufacturing (CAD/CAM). Through the use of a CNC machine we can translate the quality inherent in our designs into precision milling of all our wood components.

Our CNC machine is a combination of robotics and the finest router technology. Computer software translates our CAD design into CNC commands, this allows us to cut 20 or 20,000 identical copies of the same part! Sure we could make as many pieces ourselves probably as fast too, but we would never be able to match the precision of the CNC. It can make ALL of its cuts to within 1/1000th of an inch. That's less then the thickness of a human hair!

The computer and the CNC bring us the highest level of precision, but it is still the skill of the human hand that ensures our quality. That's why every MegaForce enclosure is hand assembled and hand finished. The final work of our skilled craftsmen guarantees that all the precision gained with the CNC is not lost to poor construction.

Great technologies helping better craftsmen create superior audio products. That's why everyone needs MegaForce!

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