MegaForce Technologies Inc. was started in 1993 as MegaForce Electronics and Sound by Lennox Foster, a graduate of University of Florida. Lennox started in 1987 building speakers for friends as a hobby. In 1989 he began attending the University of Florida, pursuing Engineering. Between 1989 and 1993 his knowledge of audio engineering was expanded not only through the classroom but also by the oldest method known to man, experience.

After graduating, the idea to start an audio engineering business was born. The unofficial business name was MegaForce Electronics and Sound. Sustaining the hopes for MegaForce, while working at major corporations as a software engineer, Lennox built his experience. Researching, Listening, Evaluating the cheap audio products that others were forced to purchase. Following four years of building, testing and comparing loudspeakers, MegaForce Electronics and Sound became MegaForce Technologies. Shorter and better equipped to handle the ever changing frontier of audio processing, MegaForce Technologies was incorporation. After the formalities of becoming incorporated, more time was spent on design optimization and extensive testing.

Today, Lennox continues to strive for increasing levels of quality that everyone can afford. Through the addition of computer aided manufacturing and participation as a member of the Audio Engineering Society, MegaForce continues to redefine what Superior Loudspeaker Products For Audio Professionals means!

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